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That was really fantastic. I’ve been to so many NVC workshops and your approach really stood out. As someone who also teaches NVC when I can, I learned much that I can bring into my own practice and teaching. -Jeffrey Lassanske

What is Nonviolent Communication? 

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (also known as Mindful or Compassionate Communication is a communication method that promotes heart based connection and deep listening. The form is simple, yet powerfully transformative. At its heart, it is a belief that all human beings have the capacity for compassion and empathy and that we only resort to violence or behavior harmful to others when we do not recognize more effective strategies for meeting our needs. Nonviolent Communication can be used as a tool for many things including conflict resolution, self connection, mending and strengthening relationships at work, home and with friends, and creating a healthy foundation for honest communication.

Rachel has been leading Compassionate Communication courses, workshops, retreats, book readings, and practice groups in the Los Angeles area since 2015. She is the co-founder of NVC Long Beach along side holistic health practitioner Jenny Ahn. NVC Long Beach is the local chapter for those interested in learning, practicing, and sharing the principles and teachings of Nonviolent Communication.

Rachel is also a comedian, actress, and writer based in LA with a strong personal interest in conflict resolution and mediation. She is dedicated to living, learning, and teaching Nonviolent Communication and believes peace is a ripple effect that begins with ourselves. Rachel is excited to share and teach this heart based method of communication as a way to inspire peace, connection and compassion with the greater community.

I'm so glad I was finally able to be part of one of these workshops! You are AMAZING! I loved every part of it and was so impressed by your ability to do this so seamlessly on zoom ❤️❤️ Thanks for all of this guidance- I really feel like I'm able to apply this moving forward!

   -Ariella Wallace

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