Workshops & Classes

Befriending Conflict: Working through Triggers 

Sunday, October 4, 2-5pm (PST)


Making Peace with Ourselves: Shift the Inner Dialogue

Sunday, November 1, 2-5pm (PST)


Forgiveness: The Art of Letting Go and Resolving Resentment

Sunday, December 6, 2-5pm (PST)

Join us this fall for our Mindful Communication Class Series; a monthly workshop series with Jenny Ahn and Rachel Bennish exploring personal and interpersonal relationships . You will be guided through heart based practices using Nonviolent Communication to support emotional wellness, gain skills to positively shift how you communicate with yourself and others, and to improve your ability for empathic and authentic connection. 

Class Descriptions:


Befriending Conflict: Working through Triggers

Sunday, October 4 2-5pm (PST)

In this session, learn tools and Practices for dealing with challenging relationships, difficult conversations, and managing conflict in a healthy way. Explore your own personal patterns, triggers, responses to anger, and what lies behind them. Using the teachings of Compassionate Communication, practice and learn how to stay in a state of empathy and compassion for yourself and others during even the most difficult conversations.


Making Peace with Ourselves:

Shifting the inner Dialogue

Sunday, November 1, 2-5pm (PST)

Sometimes the most complex and difficult relationship we have is with ourselves. We can be our own harshest critic and easily spiral into self judgment, blame, shame and doubt without even being conscious of it. We may have trouble or lack the skills to navigate and express our thoughts or hard to digest emotions. Sometimes all it takes is being aware to tap back into our natural state of compassion.

In this session, deepen your awareness and capacity for a kinder, compassionate and more accepting relationship with yourself. Learn what blocks empathy for yourself and others. Transform blame and self shame and gain the skills to listen to yourself with compassion, empathy, and understanding. Take a deep breath and lets learn to make peace with ourselves.



The Art of Letting Go and Resolving Resentment

Sunday, December 6 2-5pm (PST

Saying ‘I’m sorry’ and letting go can be hard. It means we have to be vulnerable and admit there may have been something we did that may have hurt another that we now regret. It can be even harder if there are still unresolved feelings, resentment, and a loss in connection with that person. Sometimes, we are the ones hoping for an apology and at other times we must learn to forgive ourselves. In this session, learn about the power of forgiveness, letting go, resolving resentment and how to re-establish understanding and connection when there is a break in a relationship.

*Join us for all 3,

or classes can also be taken individually.


$45/per class

$120/ All 3 classes




We are now offering a limited amount of full and partial scholarships for the BIPOC community to our upcoming Fall Mindful Communication Series. Our intention is to create more inclusivity and accessibility within our offerings and the culture of NVC. To apply, please e-mail us with your name, location and answer one or all of the questions below.

Dive into the basics of Nonviolent Communication this summer and gain tools to effectively communicate with others and handle conflict with mindfulness, nonviolence, compassion, and other heart based practices. Based on the principles and teachings of Marshall Rosenberg, this course can be both an introduction or refresher course if you are interested in shifting the way you show up in your work and relationships and become an even better communicator. More info HERE.

Facilitated by Rachel Bennish and Jenny Ahn

COURSE TEXTBOOK: Non Violent Communication; A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg

*Students are expected to purchase this book separately and read chapters one and two before the first class. All assigned chapters will be to support practices, games, and discussions each class week.

Cost: Sliding scale $122-188 (pay what you can)

Pay for the course 

In partnership with Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Center

Weekly NVC Practice Group for the month of May with Jenny Ahn and Rachel Bennish. Practice your active listening and empathy skills using the tools of Nonviolent Communication. Drop ins welcome. We'll also be offering a brief meditation to promote inner peace. All are welcome. $5-10 suggested donation but everyone is welcome even if you can't donate at this time. More info here.  

"Being a part of this class has been a transformational journey! Learning to listen with compassion vs. judgement, has improved relationships in all areas of my life, including the one I have with myself!! Thank you, Jenny and Rachel, for offering the opportunity to delve deeper into honest, productive and civil communication. The safe, nurturing environment you provide, combined with your personal experience and training, make practicing the tools both useful and fun! I'm honored and excited to participate again!"
-Jan Casebolt

Both the teachers were very good and knowledgeable in all areas of NVC. This is an excellent course to take as it gives a fundamental idea on general communication and shows us area's where we can improve. I think this course is a must for most people who want to repair their relationship at work/personal life or who want to move ahead in life since communication is such an important portion of success. 

 -Sri Nath

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